Built to perform.

FLIR IR Cameras

Including A3xx, A6xx, A6xxx, FCxx series.  These cameras can be integrated into rated protective housings as well as explosion proof housings depending in industry requirements.

QIR 400

Gimbaled Long Wave Thermal IR & Optical Sensor Package

including IMU, LRF and GPS and onboard computer controller.     Suitable for helicopter, fixed wing aircraft and UAVs.   Includes approved gimbal mounts for customer specific aircraft.

QIR 360

Mobile Towered Long wave thermal IR & Optical Detection Array

Provides a 360 degree / 4 way IR and Optical detection capability on either 106, 120 or 150 foot mobile towers.  Optional 2 way field of view available.    Units are self-contained with generator, battery backup, electronics and computer controller in armored cabinets.  Sensors include either 2 or 4 sets of HD LWIR thermal camera, HD optical video camera, and laser range finder, one for each look angle. 

QIR/L3 Comms Link 

For use with QIR 400 and QIR 360

Miniature dual band L & S transceiver for broadband links from either aerial or ground based sensors.

Mobile IR Command Center

Consists of 50-foot self-contained command center for realtime IR detection, mapping with satellite and microwave interactive communications with our mobile aerial units and ground based IR detection units.