Meet Our Team

Quantum IR Technologies was founded by Mark Israelsen and Rick Anderson.   Mark and Rick hold patents in the automation of IR object detection and IR camera automation.

Mark Israelsen – CEO & Founder

  • 35 years in global technology development and international business development
  • Developed first patents to automate infrared data using real time software algorithms
  • Leads infrared R&D, software design, patent development and sales

Paul Israelsen - SVP Research & Development

  • 35 years in technology development and management
  • Over 20 technology patents issued and pending
  • Serial entrepreneur with several startups
  • Leads new technology and new solution development

Rick Anderson – Founder & Vice Chairman

  • 30 years in engineering, construction and product development
  • Developed multiple product & process patents

Sarinya Chan - SVP Marketing

  • 20+ years in Strategic Marketing,  Product Development, and Business Development.

Phong Le Van - VP Vietnam

  • 17 years of experience in Oil & Gas industry and Power industry. 
  • Expert Consultants for Gas Leak Detection, Monitoring & Inspection, Corrosion Prevention & Protection, for pipeline and equipment in Oil & Gas industry.