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From our clients

Bryan Smith

Northrop Grumman Corporation

" Quantum IR Technologies solution  has a clear view of the temperatures generated,  provides an effective way to monitor temperatures in real time, easy to use , and reliable system. 

Quantum IR is  knowledgeable and can tailor to your specific needs.  They are very responsive.  I recommend that any process that requires real time or continuous thermal monitoring should consider using  Quantum IR technologies." 

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Dennis Tolman

General Purpose Munitions Group - Northrop Grumman

"We simply cannot operate without QIR solutions. If our processing temperatures were to exceed the control limits defined (as monitored by QIR), there would be a catastrophic fire, severely damaging the process equipment or area. QIR Solutions provide robust and thermal monitoring solutions - where thermal controls are an issue.

Quantum IR Technologies has a great team to work with, and always very responsive when follow-up or system upgrades have been needed. I would have NO problem recommending QIR Solution as a thermal control system provider.

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