Cement Manufacturing

Cement Manufacturing

Optimize Process Precision and Reduce Costs

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Current Issues In Cement Production:

  • Competitive pressure for cost reduction
  • Unplanned kiln shutdowns
  • Lack of precision data on refractory performance for predictive maintenance data
  • Lack of visibility of complete kiln for refractory management (i.e. tyres / rings)
  • Lack of big data for deep predictive analytics on kiln performance
  • Lack of artificial intelligence to automate predictive performance data

QIR provides process optimization in these cement production areas:

- Burner


- Preheater

QIR provides process optimization in these cement production areas:

- Burner


- Preheater

Financial Benefits of QIR Systems

Increases revenue by reducing days of required maintenance 

- Number of days extended production (Not down for maintenance)

- Daily production - 4,500 tons (Revenue of daily production $xxms)

- Benefit (additional revenue) per day


Reduced maintenance costs to replace refractory

- Labor costs

- Material


Extend useful life of kiln refractory

- Reduce / eliminate hotspots

- Reduce number of startup / shutdown cycles for refractory maintenance 

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Kiln Shell Cooling System

Our patented Kiln Shell Colling System developed ,synchronized, and tested in our R&D lab in Utah, USA

  • Automated steam spray system across total kiln (Includes under live rings)
  • QIR system controls application of steam spray to each hot spot
    • Precision spray nozzles controlled by QIR Thermal System
    • Begins spray at user set temp level
    • Stops spray when temp is reduced to optimum level (set by user)
    • Applies spray only to designated hot spots
    • Spray reduced as size and temp of hot spots are reduced
    • Artificial Intelligence determines hotspot areas to be sprayed, timing of spray to gradually reduce, and monitoring to apply as new hot spots occur.
  • Benefits :
    • Controlling and resolving hot spots will extend the useful life of the refractory and kilmn by xx months.
    • Automated systems resolves hotspots and provides precision historical data on each hot spot location with thermal details
    • Kiln steel shell conditioning - Regular cooling application of complete shell

Preheater Thermal Performance Management

QIR Preheater Processing
  • Monitor real time temp at each level
  • User defines optimum temps at each level
  • Alerts if deviation from optimum temp
  • Algorithms provide temp correlation between levels
  • Preheater temps correlated to expected kiln input temp
  • Historical analysis provides temp performance over any time period