Patented Technology

Patented Technology

The best in IR object detection.

IR Object Detection and IR Camera Automation

Our patented IR Object Detection application automates the identification of objects on the ground from an aerial platform by computing IR mass and thermal temperatures, which match pre-defined IR object algorithms. Examples of IR object detection algorithms include marijuana, wildlife, humans, forest fires, vehicles, oil on any surface, buried gas and oil pipelines, stability of dams and levees, and soil disturbance for IED detection.   The algorithm requires multiple variables to compute the detection process including emissivity, expected thermal temperature, expected IR mass (size), distance to object, ground and ambient air temperature, aircraft speed, etc.  The base algorithms are self-learning and use real-time optimization based actual objects identified.

Our IR camera automation is required to provide for high-speed aerial IR scanning and mapping through management of IR camera focus, isotherms, camera recording triggers in conjunction with our object detection automation outlined above.

The solution eliminates the requirement for the manual control of IR camera functions and components and takes advantage of advanced IR camera sensors and high speed scanning capabilities to rapidly analyze and detect objects of interest based on their thermal signature.   This detection would not be possible by visual monitoring of the IR camera display output by an operator as is common in most uses of IR today. 

QIR holds patents for our solutions in the oil & gas, power generation and steel manufacturing industries.