Discover the hidden potential of AI-based technology for Cement Industry

Discover the hidden potential of AI-based technology for Cement Industry

Published: July 27th, 2021

Cement is one of mankind's greatest inventions. The sector is growing in terms of consumption as well as production. It has become indispensable to the growth of several other industries. The spurt in urbanization leading to the development of real estate and infrastructure, which in turn has increased construction activities, has resulted in the growth of the cement industry.

The cement industry, like any other process, consumes a lot of thermal and electrical energy. If there is no uniform process flow, this can lead to quality fluctuations. Therefore, the process needs to be streamlined and monitored in order to make it more energy efficient, and to be more environment friendly.

The solution to this problem basically lies in the use of new technology that involving Predictive Maintenance and Predictive Analytics. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, this technology can be used to optimise the process of cement production and ensure smooth operation at all levels. AI learns patterns and detects anomalies previously invisible to the user, giving greater insights into process control and automation. Converting AI experience into an organizational strategy can fulfill the core vision of most cement companies to produce high-quality cement at optimal cost.

Quantum IR Technologies, a technology company for cement manufacturing solutions based in Utah, USA, offer thermal management solutions with predictive analysis for maintenance, captures real-time performance data, and optimizing useful refractory life. It enables customer to see the global view of all plant operations, and have dedicated QIR engineers monitor customer operations 24/7.

QIR Technology also beneficial to improve ROI of client’s company, as the technology itself focusing on kiln refractory optimization, which can help to reduces maintenance costs, extends time between maintenance shutdowns, and increase kiln revenue production days and profits.

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