Full Automation. Infinite Precision.

Quantum IR Technologies is a US corporation headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.  We are organized in the following locations: 

  • Management, Sales & Support – Salt Lake City, Utah 
  • Research & Development – Logan, Utah 
  • Software Development – Carlsbad, California 
  • Asia Sales & Support – Bangkok, Thailand 

With our patented real time object detection technology using infrared variables, we are industry leaders in applying software automation to precision infrared (IR) sensor radiometric data for a wide range of industries and solutions.   Our technology and industry expertise provides us with unique competitive advantages in each of these markets.  We apply this technology to both aerial based IR detection solutions as well as ground based infrared detection using standoff staring array IR technology. 

The majority of uses today of infrared technology rely on a visual interpretation by an operator looking at an image produced by the IR sensors.   Our key competitive differentiator is our ability to apply software automation in interpreting thermal data, which provides automated alerts, real time reporting, GIS mapping and other actionable data to our customers. 

We are systems integrators for FLIR Corporation, for the integration of our software solutions with the FLIR infrared cameras including the FLIR machine vision, automation, optical gas detection and security IR cameras.