Sustainability And AI in Cement Industry

Sustainability And AI in Cement Industry

Published: July 27th, 2021

The world has changed a lot since COVID-19 hit. And while 2021 has a more positive outlook than 2020, the construction industry faces many new challenges. To be able to face the situation and solve any problems affected by COVID-19, companies need to embrace new trends, innovate, and meet the demands of a changing industry, especially those that can help to support sustainability.

Sustainability is the most popular problem discussed in 2021 among the others, as more government introduce policies for low-carbon construction and as governments, industries, and individuals demand more climate-friendly solutions in all aspects of life.

As a result, sustainable building materials can be a key differentiator for construction companies and producers alike. Cement industry is a particular area of focus in sustainability initiatives. That’s because traditional cement produces more CO2 than the aviation industry. Cement, the key ingredient that gives concrete its strength, has a large environmental footprint. 

Producers that are not thinking about developing sustainable concrete mixes will miss out on many upcoming opportunities and lose significant market share to competitors as more industry associations and government bodies set standards for carbon-reducing building practices. 

Aside from sustainability, producers need to think about how to improve safety, production effectiveness, and production performances. Therefore, companies need to invested in new cutting edge technologies that enable precise analytics and full automation.

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