Thermal Imaging In Artificial Intelligence System

Thermal Imaging In Artificial Intelligence System

Published: August 11th, 2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the current hottest subjects, intersecting many fields of interest. With the dissemination of this concept, the expectations about its potential grew a lot among the society. And, there is one of the most interesting properties of AI, such as detecting and reading signals or information that cannot be directly accessed by humans, as electromagnetic radiation out of the visible spectrum, infra- and ultrasounds, or signals from the hostile environments.

When we talking about Thermal Solution in Artificial Intelligence, mostly it’s related to the heat vision camera. Heat vision cameras are currently used in a wide range of sectors that include cement industry, oil and gas, industrial manufacturing, electrical, healthcare, and many others, however, only a few applications combine thermal cameras with smart systems. 

Mostly, in the cement industry, kiln operators and managers rely on accurate temperature data from the kiln to detect failures. With the thermal monitoring solution, the energy consumption and efficiency of the cement factory can be reduced by around 30%. This thing will be a huge help to the cement plant's profitability and reduce environmental impact of the cement industry as well as sustainability.

Quantum IR Technologies, a technology company for cement manufacturing solutions based in Utah, USA, offer thermal management solutions with predictive analysis for maintenance, captures real-time performance data, and optimizing useful refractory life. It enables customer to see the global view of all plant operations, and have dedicated QIR engineers monitor customer operations 24/7.

QIR Technology also beneficial to improve ROI of client’s company, as the technology itself focusing on kiln refractory optimization, which can help to reduces maintenance costs, extends time between maintenance shutdowns, and increase kiln revenue production days and profits.

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