Kiln Refractory Predictive Maintenance

Kiln Refractory Predictive Maintenance

Extend useful life of kiln refractory

Kiln Refractory Predictive Maintenance

- High Precission on Kiln Brick Thickness

- Refractory Laser Scanning 3D Model Input to QIR

  • QIR measures every time kiln shutdown
  • QIR re-measures after refractory maintenance 
  • QIR AI Algorithms use 3D model to optimize accuracy
  • After 3+ laser scans accuracy +/- 1cm

- LIDAR Scan 3D model & QIR AI Infrared Model

  • Using internal LIDAR scanning to build 3D model to be compared to the infrared model that QIR build and update every revolution of the kiln. 
  • The infrared model will be the one that have AI algorithm that update each brick thickness.
  • The LIDAR 3D model is only used as the starting baseline - then it will updates QIR algorithms on the next shutdown for our predicted brick thickness VS actual thickness.
  • After several shutdowns for maintenance QIR AI algorithms become very accurate in predicting brick thickness and operational time that can be used in the future

Quantum IR Technologies offering solutions for kiln refractory predictive maintenance, providing high precision refractory thickness monitoring (including coating on burner side), so it will extends refractory useful life without risking unplanned shutdown. 

QIR algorithm also have ability to predicts life of refractory and suggests optimum timing for replacement. And each time during kiln shutdowns, QIR will scan kiln to update thickness and improve algorithm.